The Greenwood Brand

The GREENWOOD® brand was created in 2011 by the son of a leather craft family in the third generation. Originally working in his father's business, he was inspired by the vintage fashion of the early 20th century to reinvent almost forgotten leather goods and bring them to life in his own brand.

GREENWOOD® stands for naturalness, sustainability and the typical charm of natural leather. Each of our bags is guaranteed to be handmade and has all the irregularities associated with it. This gives you a very individual companion - a product of nature.

Vintage Handtasche Braun aus Leder | Greenwood Leder
Umhängetasche für Männer aus Leder | Greenwood Leder

GREENWOOD ® bags not only look great but also fulfill their purpose in every function. The weekenders are one of our largest bags and have plenty of space for your clothes for the next two to three days. For professional use, you will find our leather briefcases. They are of high quality and have additional components such as trolley holders, inner laptop pockets and key locks especially for business trips and meetings.

With a GREENWOOD ® shoulder bag, you always have the essentials with you in your free time. Folders, notebooks, pens and your valuables can be safely stowed in it. These and other high-quality leather products are waiting for you in our online shop.

Handmade leder produkt, handgemacht tasche | greenwood leder
Leather products inspired by nature | greenwood leder
Echt ledertasche, geldbörse und gürtel | greenwood leder
Leather Craft and Production

Our leather craft is fully geared towards natural and sustainable production. And this begins with animal welfare. We source our buffalo, cattle and goat skins from well-known breeding farms in India, where the animals are raised in a healthy atmosphere and are kept free-range. At the end of their life, they are skinned the traditional way. Real leather shows how and where the animal lived.

No animal has to die to make leather. Animal hide is a by-product of food production that would have to be disposed of if it were not sensibly recycled through leather production. By purchasing the leather directly from the farmers and shepherds without the involvement of middlemen, we ensure that none of the animals is abused.

The subsequent tanning takes place exclusively with natural tanning agents and the leather is only dyed with natural dyes. While many other leather products today are largely machine-made, the production of our bags still requires a sure instinct - from start to finish. Since leather is a natural material, every step, from cutting the leather to sewing on the appliqués, is done by hand. This makes each of our bags an incomparable unique piece.

Real leather is an absolutely sustainable and endlessly renewable product. It is far more environmentally friendly than so-called artificial leather, which is actually made of highly toxic plastic. Once artificial leather breaks down into synthetic microparticles, in the worst case these are absorbed by animals and thus introduced into the human food chain. Real leather, on the other hand, is almost completely biodegradable.